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leadership and making your bed

What does making your bed have to do with life and leadership?

Can I be honest? This morning I got frustrated that I had to make the bed… I wake up every day before my wife and it puts me in a position unable to make our bed.  I have noticed though that our bed gets made every day. For most, it makes no sense to make your bed.…
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does discipline equal freedom

Does discipline equal freedom?

You may be familiar with this common tagline or quote made popular by Jocko Willink and his outstanding book Extreme Ownership: How Navy Seals Lead and Win. Jocko says, “Discipline Equals Freedom.” (Aristotle said “through discipline comes freedom.)  What does that mean? To better understand one’s worldview and values a good coach will circle back and clarify their belief.…
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chick fil a leadership coach

The Dark Side of Leadership and Why You Feel Like a Poser

In my personal quest for leadership, success, and providing for the family I chased climbing the ladder of success. Our fourth girl had just been born and I was one year into being the Executive Minister at a church. I was climbing the ladder and I ended up in a place where my interior life…
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christian coaching for men

4 Simple Steps to Redeem Your Time

The little black box known as your phone seems to be interrupting every inch of our life.  We have justified our usage and addiction but consider the following.  Here are a few questions for reflection: Is your phone the first thing you look at in the morning? How often do you go to the bathroom…
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top gun and leadership

18 Leadership Lessons from Top Gun: Maverick

You don’t need to yell at everyone in an attempt to be diverse. Be diverse. There is no manual for leading with heart. Throw the book away and discover what is happening on the inside.  Everyone needs a listening ear and a strong presence that brings out their best.  Love is what makes you human. …
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lead with hope in uncertain times

7 Principles to Help You Lead in Uncertain Times

Gas prices are at an all-time high. Inflation is on the rise. Tech companies are making cuts. Food shortage is coming. Leading through difficult times will require a new leader. Here are seven principles that will help you lead during these uncertain times. 1. Hope is the leader’s playbook. Hope happens when we know the direction…
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professional coach for men

How to Overcome Anxiety and Lead an Adventure

The world seems to be headed for a cliff. Pressure. Death. Grief. Confusion.  This creates overwhelm for all of us. Do you feel it? Anxiety? Tired? Why does this happen? We get off track when we don’t have a clear vision and purpose for the direction of our life. What we often choose to do is allow…
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mens coach

How To Know You Are Headed for Burnout

Did you work 50+ hours this week? 60+? Do you have a mountain of tasks to do at home? Is your wife tired of you coming late? Are you working after the kids go to bed?  Looking for a quick fix or a technical solution to burnout will keep you on an endless treadmill. I’ll let you…
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