Three Ways to Fix Your Spouse

Three Ways to Fix Your Spouse

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I am writing this from a limited view of what it means to be a husband who desires a thriving marriage.

You don’t fix your wife.

It really is that simple.

She is not a problem to be solved, she is a beauty to be pursued.

Here are three things that could be helpful to consider.

1) Stop trying to solve your wife’s challenges. Allow the tension and her personal growth to be their own maturity path.

2) Listen. She wants to be seen and heard. Connect with her heart and express empathy.

3) Nice guys and people pleasers appear to know how to solve other people’s challenges, yet rarely can express what they need in a relationship. Put yourself in a place of receiving and getting in touch with what you need in a relationship.

You allow her to grow, connect with her, and share your desires as well.

The goal is to create an environment where each person in the marriage can grow individually.

Two healthy people will make for a healthy marriage and then you don’t feel the need to fix anyone’s problems.