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Stop Feeling Guilty About Sex and Money

I reveal two desires married Christian business owners are struggling with and three ways to overcome them this week. Why do married Christian business owners feel guilty for pursuing their desires (hidden aspirations and more sex)? Could it be you have spent years and decades building a business that accommodates others rather than your standard…
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Starving for Authentic Intimacy

In a world of plastic, and veneer we have come to believe a deep lie. The lie is keeping a dark cloud of shame and mediocrity over your marriage. The lie is that “having it all” will bring joy, meaning, and passionate sex in your marriage. The lie that providing her with more things will…
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Embrace Summer: Integrating Work, Rest, and Play

I was coaching a client this week and asked a simple question: “What are you doing this summer for fun?” He stopped, paused, and then realized he wasn’t making time for himself to have fun. This made me reflect on how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget…
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Unlock the Secret to Change and Four Ways to Focus

Twenty years ago my first job out of college was coaching boy’s basketball. Playing basketball and learning to teach and develop others to play basketball are two distinct skill sets. I was eager to coach and was overwhelmed with how to get teen boys moving in the same direction. I spent time around the other…
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Invitation to Risk: Healing Your Story Through Journaling

I got a new journal last year in April that was green and I distinctly remember telling my family that the journal was a symbol of flourishing in the days to come. At the time, I did not know that one of the hardest seasons of my life was ahead of me. I had to…
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Unveiling the Truth: Four Reasons You’re Hiding from Your Team

If you have spent more than one day in any leadership role you have learned to protect, guard, and armor up against perceived attacks. In fact, this does not apply to leadership roles it is a survival mechanism we all have learned from our formative years as children. All leadership pain comes from relational hurt,…
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A Secret Question and The Six Marks of Transformational Leadership

In the world of coaching, there’s often a quest for the perfect question—the one that unlocks insights, initiates change, and propels growth. Years ago as an aspiring coach, I too found myself trapped in this pursuit, aiming to craft the ideal query for every situation. However, this relentless pursuit of the “perfect question” led me…
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The Crushing Reality of Leadership: How to Move Forward When You Have Been Hurt

Our family enjoys immersing ourselves in nature through walks, hikes, and strolls in local parks. One of our favorite hikes, within a reasonable drive, is located north of Whitesboro on what the locals refer to as 377. While not particularly difficult, this hike is quite lengthy. It spans 14.2 miles around Lake Texoma, known as…
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The Battle Going on with Ambitious Leaders

Life has a bent towards wearing us thin, sapping our vitality, and leaving us drained and weary. When exhaustion sets in, what steps do we take? The hunger for love and genuine living often differs from reality. The discipline to train our minds, bodies, and souls for growth seems overshadowed by the ceaseless chase for…
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How to Finish Well: Four Ways to Know If You Have Lost Heart

Grief has become a great mentor since my father died nine months ago. The lessons, stories, and reflections have allowed me to reflect in greater detail about what I want my life to look like. I recently shared with my wife on the couch one night about how I envision life when I am a…
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