Stop Feeling Guilty About Sex and Money

Stop Feeling Guilty About Sex and Money

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I reveal two desires married Christian business owners are struggling with and three ways to overcome them this week.

Why do married Christian business owners feel guilty for pursuing their desires (hidden aspirations and more sex)?

Could it be you have spent years and decades building a business that accommodates others rather than your standard (ie: people-pleasing to win the deal)?

Could it be that asking your wife for your sexual preferences comes at a risk (ie: unhealthy attachment to outcomes)?

There is a path forward for this type of married Christian business owner:

1) Grow his emotional capacity to be authentic about what is happening at his core.

2) Create healthy emotional tension that causes friction to propel business and martial growth.

3) Let go of outcomes and learn to regulate the anxious relational system at work and home.

It’s simply not about hidden aspirations or more sex, it is about becoming a wholehearted man who can challenge his growth while leading others to do the same.