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Stop Feeling Guilty About Sex and Money

I reveal two desires married Christian business owners are struggling with and three ways to overcome them this week. Why do married Christian business owners feel guilty for pursuing their desires (hidden aspirations and more sex)? Could it be you have spent years and decades building a business that accommodates others rather than your standard…
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Every Man Will Face A Similar Crisis

At 36, I hit a crisis. I got a job that seemed to solve my problems and meet my growing needs. I had been in an executive role with a church for about two years, and our fourth daughter had just been born. I had the woman of my dreams and a wonderful family, but…
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Marriage Beyond a Quick Fix

I once believed that passionate sex was about technique. This is what the world wants you to buy. A pseudo path to passion. The media sells raw, sexy, and burning love that gets turned on in seconds. They do not show the husband coming home from working 60+ hours, lunch meetings, and an intense travel…
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Starving for Authentic Intimacy

In a world of plastic, and veneer we have come to believe a deep lie. The lie is keeping a dark cloud of shame and mediocrity over your marriage. The lie is that “having it all” will bring joy, meaning, and passionate sex in your marriage. The lie that providing her with more things will…
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Elevating Leadership and Strengthening Your Marriage: 7 Principles for Success

In the modern leadership landscape, navigating through chaos and complexity often leaves one feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and anxious. The pressures of leadership can easily tip the scales from healthy to unhealthy, especially when faced with the challenges of managing a marriage alongside professional responsibilities. In such moments of confusion, leaders must anchor themselves in principles…
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A Brave Conversation about Intimacy

Three silent killers in your marriage and a script to use for building a passionate marriage tonight. 1) Hard conversations.2) Your desires.3) Listening. What to do instead. Use the following as a simple script. Say it with clarity. Own what you feel. Be calm. Then begin listening. 1) I would like to have a conversation…
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Three Ways to Fix Your Spouse

I am writing this from a limited view of what it means to be a husband who desires a thriving marriage. You don’t fix your wife. It really is that simple. She is not a problem to be solved, she is a beauty to be pursued. Here are three things that could be helpful to…
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The Marriage Stack | 10 Ways to Have a Healthy and Dynamic Marriage

We are a work in progress and after 18 years of marriage, this month here are a few things I have learned. 1. Love is a choice every day. The feelings, emotions, and sexual energy will come and go through the decades. Love is a daily decision that multiplies over the decades. 2. You can…
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Podcast: Get Your Marriage On with Dan Purcell

Ready to level up and move the needle in your marriage? Join the Champions Circle today. Below is the unedited transcription of the podcast. Link to Dan Purcell and the Get Your Marriage On. Lantz Howard 0:01Welcome to another episode of champion hope. I’m your host Lantz, Howard Man, I am so glad and honored…
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