The unoffical bio…

I’m Lantz Howard. follower of Jesus, husband to Jessica, father of four amazing girls. I’ve been blessed in life with an amazing family and a career that I love, helping business owners like myself live a disciplined life and reach their goals.

As an executive business coach, I can only be effective to the extent that I start with myself. I’ve been on a journey to maximize my own physical, emotional, and spiritual health since long before midlife. I remember moments driving my minivan with my beautiful wife sitting next to me and four little girls under the age of 6 in the back. Life was good, but also felt very full. I loved being in ministry, but I struggled with taking on too much and allowing the perspectives of others to cloud my inner compass. My body started sending me subtle signals that it wasn’t dealing well with the stress: high blood pressure, heartburn, and a severe bout of shingles. I wasn’t burning with purpose: I was burning out.

“How the hell am I going to handle all this responsibility?” I wondered. Ironically, I was the one leading groups of men with the same struggles, and they were depending on me to help them find the answers. By leaning in to the hard times and choosing to lead with courage, I was able to overcome Impostor Syndrome and craft the life I wanted: a strong body, a passionate marriage, a connected family, and a meaningful career path. Once I stopped letting stress, anxiety, and fear be my main motivators, I was able to experience a lifestyle fueled by joy, peace, and purpose.

My clients are unwilling to settle for anything less than functioning fully alive. They pursue physical health as a way to add vibrant decades to their lives, and emotional health as a means to build strong relationships and keep growing in meaningful ways.

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My business and leadership wiring…

Leadership Profile: Advocate: INFJ, Enneagram 9, Birkman Blue, and DiSC high S. My CliftonStrengths Top 5 are Belief, Futuristic, Maximizer, Individualization, and Discipline. My Grip Spiritual Giftings are Wisdom, Leadership, and Teaching.

I have spent over 20 years in leadership, teaching, and pastoral roles, coaching and counseling teens, families, and executive leaders and their teams. I have devoted my life to understanding the internal compass that drives individuals who live with meaning. I have researched what makes leaders resilient in the face of chaos, and what tools they use to navigate life’s storms and remain calm and connected to their purpose.

My clients include C-Suite executives, non-profit CEOs, real estate developers, ministry leaders, and high-performers who are after harmony in their professional lives, marriages, families, and personal health. They find the secrets to their success, even though on the outside they still experience forces trying to defeat them and the pull of mediocrity.

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I have spent over 20 years in leadership, teacher, and pastoral roles working with teens, families, coaching, counseling, executive leadership, team development, and public speaking.


Masters Marriage and Family Therapy
Professional Coach with International Coaching Federation
iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Professional
Coaching the Whole Person
Advanced Training in Spiritual Contemplation Advanced Training on Enneagram 
Birkman Independent Consultant
Dynamic Marriage Leader
WinShape Marriage Adventure Leader
Prepare and Enrich Facilitator
ReEngage Marriage Leader
SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Certified
DNA Based Health Coach

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