You were made to flourish. 

I teach high performers how to build a non-anxious leadership presence and have emotionally strong relationships.  

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Howdy, I’m Lantz Howard!

I help faith driven leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs turn around their mediocre marriage, flourish in their business, and strenghten their spiritual and emotional health. 

As a seasoned executive coach, marriage therapist, and pastor, I developed the Stewardship Mastery coaching model knowing that authentic leadership starts with stewardship.

Stewardship is the process of becoming the wholehearted and courageous man or woman to whom God can entrust the care of his kingdom.

When we become faithful stewards of our relationships, health, faith, wealth, and leadership, we unleash our fullest potential and create a lasting legacy.

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Master the Five Levels of Stewardship

1) Build strong relational and emotional connections.  

2) Live at peace at home and clear purpose at work.  

3) Develop your optimal body with interior confidence.

4) Make courageous decisions with unshakeable wisdom.

5) Create your rich life with a legacy mindset.

Let’s unleash your God-given potential and create a life of fulfillment and purpose together.

When you are ready schedule your free call and I will serve you for 30 minutes of my time and help you design your meaningful life.

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What Other Leaders Say

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“Lantz has a moxie about him and his coaching approach.

He asks really helpful and insightful questions.

I needed someone to talk to about leading my wife in this next season of marriage and intimacy, accountability on personal finance, and clarity for health goals.

I made great progress through our time and work together.

Lantz creates a courageous space to take conversations

I’m glad to refer my peers to Lantz because I trust him and his expertise.”

Seth Buechley

CEO and Telecom Consultant 

“Lantz is an incredible champion for you, your family, and your business. He coaches you on the warrior mindest and has challenged me in ways that I did not know was possible. He cares about the better version of you and will not let you set and coast. He desires to you fully alive in God.”

chick fil a coach
David Hamel

Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

“The ability to connect on a personal and business development has helped me see life’s integration. I have more intentiaonlity, purpose, and goals with clear accountability from Lantz as my executive coach. Lantz is extrememly good at pulling me out of tunnel vision and pushing me to be better than yesterday.”

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Hunter Clinton

Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

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