Hunter Clinton | Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

I needed someone to help me self reflect and provide accountability. The ability to connect on a personal and professional development plan has helped me grow in new ways. I have more intentionality and purpose around the goals I am pursuing. 


David Hamel | Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

I was having a hard time connecting all the dots together about physical, emotional, spiritual and leadership health.

Lantz is an incredible champion for you, your family, and your business. He coaches me on the warrior mindset and has challenged me in ways I did not know was possible. 

He caes about the better version of you and will not let you set and coast. He empowers you to walk fully alive in God.

Seth Buechley is a CEO who who wanted to elevate his marriage and leadership.

“Lantz has a moxie about him and his coaching approach.
He asks really helpful and insightful questions.
I needed someone to talk to about leading my wife in this next season of marriage and intimacy, accountability on personal finance, and clarity for health goals.
I made great progress through our time and work together.
Lantz creates a courageous space to take conversations
deeper. I’m glad to refer my peers to Lantz because I trust him and his expertise.”

Client Testimonials

As a former MLB pitcher for the Texas Rangers, I like to think of about it in terms of basball. Lantz isn’t the general manager of the team. He isn’t even the coach. He is ON THE TEAM with you. A team is only as good as the team’s leader. Put Lantz on your team and let him lead you.’

shawn tolleson mlb pitcher
Shawn Tolleson

I came to Lantz needing to get clear on my personal and professional goals. As a orthopedic surgeon I have full days that require an intensity and focus to provide the best care. Lantz helped me clarify my goals, get alignment on my schedule, and redeem valuable time with my family. I highly recommend working with Lantz in your personal and professional life. 

josh md doctor
Josh McSpadden

Fellas…I suggest taking time to read the resources and the podcast that Lantz provides for your growth.
His one-on-one coaching has been invaluable to me and my personal development during the last twelve months.

shea gordon legacy wealth
Shea Gordon

The coaching with Lantz has been worth significantly more than any $ I have paid. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to move forward in your business or how to grow as a husband or father set up a meeting with Lantz and see how he might be able to help you.”

heath purgahn campus outreach
Heath Purgahn

Lantz helped me to quickly and effectively re-assess and adjust to this season in my life professionally and personally in a way that is consistent with my values and core design. The quality of my work, peace, and self-awareness was acknowledged by my CEO and he asked what I had been doing and I expressed working with an exceutive life coach has moved the needle. 

executive coaching dallas mckinney frisco
Tray Kimball

I had hit a brickwall…having an outsider pour into your life in a practical and systematic way is worth it. I was able to gain the confidence I needed to step away from a lucrative corporate job and regain my health. There is a night day difference with my kids and the involvement I now have with my family. 

professional coach
Gordon Hutchinson

“I am thankful to have you in my corner. You are able to show me a path to connect with my purpose and stay aligned with Christ.”

professional coaching for men
Shane Dobbins

I felt hopeless at the beginning and even though the marriage wasn’t getting better for the first few months we met, my relationship with God grew and I grew self-confidence. I had multiple low point sessions, but Lantz continued to pointe me to Christ and help me see my self worth and God’s truth.

texas mens professional coach counselor
Boon Bowling

Your coaching was a game changer for me and I am forever grateful. 

texas executive coach
Jason Kulhman 

It’s totally worth it. I felt defeated, like I was spinning my wheels. Lantz was able to ask questions that I could articulate with my spouse about what was holding us back in our sex life. He helped me realize that our sex life was never about attraction or love, but rather about communication, decreasing stress, and respect.

professional mens coach and counselor
Cody Stansell

I am focused, supported, and know that there is a place to turn for the help I need as a pastor from time to time, with someone who understands the journey.

Rich Green

When I contacted Lantz I was unmotivated to address my physical health and unsure of what the next season of my life should look like; but after just a month of working with Lantz I was working out regularly, losing the weight I wanted to lose, and crafting a vision for my next stage of life. My conversations with Lantz helped me connect the pieces of a puzzle that I was unable to complete myself, and I am forever grateful for his assistance

rusty tugman
Rusty Tugman

Lantz has a great way of addressing an issue indirectly, by way of a different discussion or topic. Then later helping you have that “a-ha” moment, seeing how it relates. This removes apprehension and anxiety from the discussion, making it more productive.

professional mens christian coach
Chris Stanley

Having the confidence, weekly conversations, and affirmations from the Lord help me to pursue the freedom I desired. The framework to make healthy decisions with a third party has helped me stay on course.

frisco executive professional coach
Kevin Parrish

Lantz was a positive, confident, and non-anxious presence who guided me through the roadblocks I was facing. His questions and insights gave me the “aha” moments I was needing in order to get unstuck.

dallas professional life coach
Phillip Meaker

Lantz has helped my leadership capacity to grow in new ways during our coaching sessions. He has great experience and knows when to ask questions and when to press into you for a challenge. Thankful for a place to be honest and the growth that my wife has spoken affirmation over has been worth it.

life coach for men
Shane Branecky

Kevin Parrish 

Coaching will take effort and you are responsible for any changes that you desire.