What is coaching?

Effective coaching is pragmatic and outcome-focused. It flows naturally according to your goals.

It’s conversational and rich with thought-provoking discussions.

Picture it as a meaningful board meeting, an insightful chat with a close friend, a day of profound reflection, a session to recalibrate, and a stimulating brainstorming experience.

It’s both enjoyable and profound, tiring yet invigorating.

Above all, it’s having a trusted advisor right there beside you.

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 The Six Marks of a Flourishing Leader

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Personal Growth

– I need to craft my personal brand.
– I need to pursue my hidden aspirations.
– I need to strategize an exit plan.
– I need to cultivate strategic generosity.
– I need to align my intentions with actions.
– I need to date my spouse.

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Business Operations

– I am launching a new venture.
– I need to scale my business operations.
– I am planning for exponential growth (10x).
– I need to break free from daily routines.
– I need to forge valuable partnerships.

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Transformational Accountability 

– I need to simplify and slow down.
– I need to realign family priorities.
– I need to integrate faith and work. 
– I need to incorporate other passions into life.
– I need a supportive mentor and guide.

professional coaching

Strategic Planning

– I need to rekindle passion, focus, and energy.
– I need to enhance executive presence.
– I need to close gaps in leadership skills.
– I need to delegate and team build.
– I need brief mentoring for overwhelming situations.

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Board Alignment 

– I need to minimize workplace drama.
– I need to ensure everyone is in the right role.
– I need to handle board member issues.
– I need to communicate clearly and confidently.
– I need to define a clear organizational vision.

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Team Building

– I need to cultivate a coaching-oriented culture.
– I need to promote emotional well-being.
– I need to establish synergistic systems.
– I need to nurture emerging leaders.
– I need to shift mindsets towards growth and innovation.

Work Less, Earn More, and Do More of What You Love in Life and Business

Business owners, CEO’s, and decision makers who need to get alignment and reduce the noise to make wise long term decisions. Designed for leaders at crossroads who need to align home and work life into a wholehearted mission. During the intake conversation we will develop a robust plan to give you the structure and accountability that is needed to align your needs and desires with your goals.

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Business Coaching and Leadership Development for High Level Leaders

My approach to developing executive leaders integrates the maximization of hope, gaining an outside perspective, devising practical strategies, and implementing measured discipline. This is all done with warm accountability aimed at achieving your desired outcomes.

When you are making large financial decisions that impacts years of life you need a trusted advisor to help guide you to make a wise decision.

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