Marriage Beyond a Quick Fix

Marriage Beyond a Quick Fix

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I once believed that passionate sex was about technique.

This is what the world wants you to buy.

A pseudo path to passion.

The media sells raw, sexy, and burning love that gets turned on in seconds.

They do not show the husband coming home from working 60+ hours, lunch meetings, and an intense travel schedule.

They do not show the wife who is exhausted from her own work, shopping for food, the house, and running the kids all over the place.

The modern marriage has led many down a futile path because sex is now pseudo-love lacking true intimacy.

I redeemed sex beyond a quick fix and realized what I truly wanted was passion and intimacy that makes marriage come alive.

I had to choose a path to reframe my pain and share my insecurities.

This led to many brave and authentic conversations with my wife.

Now I seek to stay connected in meaningful conversations that allow both us to be fully alive.

My guess is that many married couples will have false sex and cheap intimacy this weekend because there is little communication, no emotion, and problems that continue to be swept under the rug.

It only takes 20 seconds of audacious courage to reframe what you desire and create a deeper conversation that can launch your marriage into a new stratosphere.

Don’t buy the modern lie.

Intimacy and passionate sex is beyond a technique and quick fix.

You can have it if you are willing to put in the work.