A Brave Conversation about Intimacy

A Brave Conversation about Intimacy

marriage ceo coach

Three silent killers in your marriage and a script to use for building a passionate marriage tonight.

1) Hard conversations.
2) Your desires.
3) Listening.

What to do instead. Use the following as a simple script. Say it with clarity. Own what you feel. Be calm. Then begin listening.

1) I would like to have a conversation tonight after the kids go to bed about intimacy. Would that work for you?

2) I feel disconnected and I am allowing my anger to grow into bitterness. I would like to emotionally and sexually connect with you. I am not even sure where to start, but I know my suffering in silence is not helping us get closer.

3) I am open to hearing what you feel and would like to journey with you. It only takes one person to be a healthy adult in a marriage to grow it to new levels. It is hard work, but worth the journey. If you are ready for a new dynamic and healthy marriage keep reading. 

“As partners become better able to self-confront and self-soothe, they have less need to control each other. They can maintain their own emotional stability and worry less about what their partner is doing. They stop expecting their partner to understand them and focus more on understanding themselves, which, in turn, reduces defensiveness and combativeness, and encourages goodwill and growth rather than resistance and stagnation.” David Schnarch