What does making your bed have to do with life and leadership?

What does making your bed have to do with life and leadership?

leadership and making your bed

Can I be honest? This morning I got frustrated that I had to make the bed…

I wake up every day before my wife and it puts me in a position unable to make our bed. 

I have noticed though that our bed gets made every day. For most, it makes no sense to make your bed. You wake up and leave and do not come back into your bedroom until the end of the day to get back in bed. 

I can remember my dad teaching me how to make military corners when making my bed that a quarter will bounce off the sheet. 

Jessica will often make our bed or if she does not make it I will make it after I workout and eat breakfast before getting into the shower. 

I caught myself this morning. I sighed and silently was annoyed to make the bed this morning. Then I spoke this truth over my heart. “I am here to serve my wife and family with my whole heart.”

Ok. What does making your bed have to do with your leadership, team, or marriage?

May I challenge your thinking for a moment?

A coaching client recently said, “You help me upgrade my thinking.” This is what leads to transformation and here is why:

  • Your beliefs will form your habits. 
  • Your habits will create what you love. 
  • Your love will shape your identity. 

What if making your bed is your next level of leadership excellence and personal identity? (Speeches,  books, and authors have written about the power of making your bed.)

Your level of intention and insistence matters in life and leadership and it forms a deeper identity. 

Life is made up of laundry and dishes. 

It’s not sexy, or flashy, and it does not sell as leadership development. 

Coach Nick Saban was interviewed recently and his words resonated about paying attention to the small things at home. “What would be the most important thing to know about Nick Saban if someone did not know you?” He responded, “How well I clean the house.” You can watch his: 40-second response

Is your current level of thinking consistent with the level of success you’d like to have?

The current goal you are pursuing will be found in your willingness to pay attention to making the bed and the “laundry and dishes.” 

You will have to shift your thinking and see the joy in the small daily pursuit. 

I had to shift my thinking this morning from toxic thinking to a transformational truth of doing a simple mundane task into joy and opportunity. 

These small moments are won when you have the capacity and vision to speak life over your heart. 

Friends, how are you doing “making your bed?” 

Where do you need to pay attention to cleaning the house like the great Coach Nick Saban? 

How can you upgrade your next level of growth by being intentionally insistent about your leadership identity?