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A Toyroom, Leadership, and Why Stewardship Matters

It never ends. Stepping over toys. Stepping on toys. Asking them to clean up toys. How do you teach children (your team) to take care of their toys? This is my current strategy. “You have two choices. You can clean up what I have asked you to clean or you can leave them and lose…
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Do this one thing to 10X your goals.

One question every man must ask and answer with ruthless honesty.  Who is in your corner and has access to your life? Every man stewarding his life well has men who know him and are known by him.  Can you name five men right now by name who are holding you to higher standards in…
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The Problem with Ownership as a Mindset

How do we enter the year as faithful stewards and become the men and women to whom God can entrust the care of his Kingdom? The world has sold us a lie that we are owners and the problem with an owners mindset is that it keeps us bound to this earth. The simple answer…
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The Next Level Requires This One Thing

I love dreaming, planning, and putting my futuristic Strengths Finder gift to work during this season. I can anticipate and articulate organizational and personal goals well. I can see beyond the short-term anxiety and dream about what could be during the next season. At the same time, I easily get ahead in evaluating past and current circumstances that may…
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How to Maximize Your 2022 and Prepare for 2023

Depending on when you read this there are 60+/- days remaining in 2022. Here is how to maximize your 2022 and plan for 2023. One question before you continue. Are you prepared right now to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Stewardship is how you will maximize 2022 and 2023.  A steward is someone that…
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