A Toyroom, Leadership, and Why Stewardship Matters

A Toyroom, Leadership, and Why Stewardship Matters

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It never ends.

Stepping over toys. Stepping on toys. Asking them to clean up toys.

How do you teach children (your team) to take care of their toys? This is my current strategy.

“You have two choices. You can clean up what I have asked you to clean or you can leave them and lose the privilege of xyz for a week.”

Our family got to bed later than normal last night and I expressed to the girls that they would lose the privilege of any toys that were on the floor tomorrow (today) afternoon.

Last week one of my daughters lost shoes and toys for a week because she left them out in the kitchen.

Both are a privilege.

Ultimately I am coaching them on stewardship and how to manage everything God entrust to their care.

I love what Wayne says about a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old when it comes to managing our possessions.

When we are responsible stewards, whether taking care of our toys at age four or managing the entire factory at the age of forty, if we do this work as unto the Lord; God looks at our imitation of his sovereignty and his other attributes, and he is pleased. In this way, we are his image-bearers, people who are like God on the earth, whether we own few possessions or many, and whether we own a small business or a large one.

Wayne Grudem

Managing a toy room or factory, steward well today.