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7 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership and Marriage Today

7 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership and Marriage Today The chaos and complexity that leaders face today can leave one feeling lonely, isolated, and anxious. In the face of confusion, healthy leaders can quickly become unhealthy. The anxious spouse and the noisy customer can cloud your vision. Then when your purpose is unclear you can quickly…
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How To Know You Are Headed for Burnout

Did you work 50+ hours this week? 60+? Do you have a mountain of tasks to do at home? Is your wife tired of you coming late? Are you working after the kids go to bed?  Looking for a quick fix or a technical solution to burnout will keep you on an endless treadmill. I’ll let you…
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12 Questions to Stop Drifting Through Life and Design Your Life with Meaning in the Year Ahead

Hope is a choice. Hopeful people have a direction that points toward their desires, goals, and dreams. In essence, hope shapes your character in an aspirational identity and a story worth living. H.O.P.E – You need to get clear on the house you are building, the obstacles in the way, the perseverance that will be required, and healthy alignment with your ego.

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A Prayer for The Journey

God of the journey,may you be bothtraveling companionand mountain guideon this, our daily walk;lest unpreparedor ill-equippedour feet should stumbleon uneven ground,or clouds obscurethe destinationthat we so long to see. Author Unknown Source Faith and Worship Need more encouragement? Check out this post 3 Ways to Journey Towards a Full Life

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3 Ways To Journey Towards a Full Life

What would it be like to journey up a mountainside with Jesus? Stop and ponder the question. Really… What would you talk about on the way up? Would you stop in the valley and consider the flowers growing? Would you meander to the stream and take a cold drink together from the snowcaps melting?  What…
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What is there not to understand?

The insistent question of young children when going on a road trip and tagging along with the latest crazy idea of their parents.  “Are we there yet?” As parents who know the destination, time, and distance this question becomes an annoyance rather quickly.  This is similar to the season we find ourselves today.  Eleven months…
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