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Three Ways to Fix Your Spouse

I am writing this from a limited view of what it means to be a husband who desires a thriving marriage. You don’t fix your wife. It really is that simple. She is not a problem to be solved, she is a beauty to be pursued. Here are three things that could be helpful to…
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Seeking the will of God as a Leader

Seeking the will of God this year in your leadership? Practice a posture of indifference when making key decisions. Often times personal leadership, families, or teams have preferred outcomes to a decision that is already in place and then we casually ask God to be with us in our decision. What if instead, we let…
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The Problem with Ownership as a Mindset

How do we enter the year as faithful stewards and become the men and women to whom God can entrust the care of his Kingdom? The world has sold us a lie that we are owners and the problem with an owners mindset is that it keeps us bound to this earth. The simple answer…
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What story does a picture tell?

Let me introduce you to Mushanga, but first some context.  We are bombarded with images on an ongoing basis that we rarely take time to process what our eyes are seeing and how it can capture our hearts. Earlier this year I was doing advanced coach training around Coaching the Whole Person and one of the…
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What does it take to have a confident mind?

Everyone struggles with confidence. The most successful military and Olympic athletes struggle. The weekend warrior struggles and the heroic mom.  Recently I finished The Confident Mind by Dr. Nate Zinsser and thought I would share a few notes I captured that I found helpful. Dr. Nate Zinsser shares stories of military personnel and world-class athletes looking to make progress. In…
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3 Things That Will Take Out the Best Leaders

Are you falling on your own leadership sword? Jump over to the video summary on YouTube. The video offers more depth, insight, and passion.  I finished reading I Samuel this morning and wanted to share three perspectives about why Saul took his own life and made a choice to fall on his sword. There is a battle…
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The War Going on with Ambitious Men

Life has a way of wearing us down. Draining our energy. Making us exhausted.  What do we do when we are tired?  The desire for love and life is not the same. The discipline to train our mind, body, and soul for transformation has been given over to the toxicity of the never-ending pursuit of success. …
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Is Change Possible? 

Is Change Possible? Yes.  Only to the degree that we are willing to put on a new identity.  The habits and decisions you make are based on the identity that you perceive that you have on the inside.  We get stuck when we are making decisions based on the outside reality.  I had a friend that…
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How to Overcome Anxiety and Lead an Adventure

The world seems to be headed for a cliff. Pressure. Death. Grief. Confusion.  This creates overwhelm for all of us. Do you feel it? Anxiety? Tired? Why does this happen? We get off track when we don’t have a clear vision and purpose for the direction of our life. What we often choose to do is allow…
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How To Know You Are Headed for Burnout

Did you work 50+ hours this week? 60+? Do you have a mountain of tasks to do at home? Is your wife tired of you coming late? Are you working after the kids go to bed?  Looking for a quick fix or a technical solution to burnout will keep you on an endless treadmill. I’ll let you…
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