Unlock the Secret to Change and Four Ways to Focus

Unlock the Secret to Change and Four Ways to Focus

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Twenty years ago my first job out of college was coaching boy’s basketball. Playing basketball and learning to teach and develop others to play basketball are two distinct skill sets. I was eager to coach and was overwhelmed with how to get teen boys moving in the same direction.

I spent time around the other coaches seeking to gain wisdom on motivating and inspiring teen boys toward a singular goal of winning and being disciplined on the journey.

I remember one coach would always tell the boys to focus. “You’ve got to focus.” The simplicity of what becomes possible when a teen boy decides to focus and use all their energy in a singular direction unlocks massive potential. If that was true 20 years ago, how much more is that true today in a hyper-distracted world?

Understanding the need to focus will not yield the personal or professional change you desire. Knowing what to focus on will produce the desired outcomes in your life. Here are four ideas on how to clarify what has your focus and how to unlock your massive potential in a distracted world.

  1. Conviction: What do you want? Knowing your inner compass of what motivates your desires will help sustain your focus. Conviction is the core of a belief that drives intentions into actions.
  2. Clarity: Where are you going? Knowing your direction, purpose, and goal will help you stay focused. Lacking clarity about the destination will create confusion. Create consistency by choosing a clear path.
  3. Community: Who is your support? You will unlock your massive potential in safe and accountable relationships. One reason people opt out of a transformational community is fear of failure. Share your desires and challenges with a supportive team you will increase opportunities for success.
  4. Courage: What are your hidden commitments? Getting laser-focused to accomplish what matters most will require tenacity to endure and radical honesty with yourself. A passive yes or no will not get you towards your goal. Choose a path of sacrifice and commitment to see your desires and dreams realized.

In conclusion, making meaningful changes in your personal and professional life will require focus. Those who choose to have conviction, clarity, community, and courage will be on a road less traveled and create exponential growth. I no longer coach boy’s basketball, but the principles of growth and change are the same and I know what it takes to help leaders win at work and in life.

What becomes possible if you use your energy to get focused?