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Embrace Summer: Integrating Work, Rest, and Play

I was coaching a client this week and asked a simple question: “What are you doing this summer for fun?” He stopped, paused, and then realized he wasn’t making time for himself to have fun. This made me reflect on how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget…
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Podcast: Becoming a King with Morgan Snyder

I am deeply honored to bring to you a man who is living on a path of wholeheartedness and Kingdom living and believes “desire reveals design, and design reveals destiny.” What are you designing? Are you designing a life worth living? What do you desire? Are your desires pointed towards the right destiny? Morgan Snyder…
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3 Zones of Life to Connect with Others

Odds are that your relationships are not much different than everyone else based on research. You want meaning, connection, and friendships that deeply know you. Generally speaking, after the age of 35 men do not add any meaningful relationships to their lives other than the core two or three friends that were already formed. How…
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How to build your soul?

The soul is a mystery and overtime I will write about the simplicity and complexity of what the soul is and is not. For now, consider your soul as your entire being. Here are three ways that I have come to understand building the interior of my life which I consider the soul. Finding a…
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