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Is it time to quit?

The second Friday of January is known as quitters Friday.  (It really is a thing.) We all need to quit.  The modern world has made quitting complex because we are addicted to not being enough and having enough. Therefore, it has become easy… Easy to say yes.  Easy to live in shame.  Easy to live…
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Avoid Unhelpful Conversations with this One Idea and Three Questions to Ask to Make Your Conversations Helpful

I have been considering this week how words and conversations can be unhelpful to others.  I am a steward of the language that I use and the conversations I join. How can I steward my conversations this year? Our tongue is like the rudder of a ship and holds tremendous power to move people closer…
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Do this one thing to 10X your goals.

One question every man must ask and answer with ruthless honesty.  Who is in your corner and has access to your life? Every man stewarding his life well has men who know him and are known by him.  Can you name five men right now by name who are holding you to higher standards in…
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Eliminate Hurry

God is in no particular hurry to get you to your ‘Promised Land.’ Who you are becoming is his transformational desire along the journey for your good and his glory. What can you say no to right now? May you be a faithful steward of the process today.

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Seeking the will of God as a Leader

Seeking the will of God this year in your leadership? Practice a posture of indifference when making key decisions. Often times personal leadership, families, or teams have preferred outcomes to a decision that is already in place and then we casually ask God to be with us in our decision. What if instead, we let…
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The Problem with Ownership as a Mindset

How do we enter the year as faithful stewards and become the men and women to whom God can entrust the care of his Kingdom? The world has sold us a lie that we are owners and the problem with an owners mindset is that it keeps us bound to this earth. The simple answer…
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Fitness Stack | 10 Ways for Peak Performance in Mid-Life

My fitness stack and how to be at peak performance at 42. 1) Food is fuel. Two choices in approaching food. Eat food to work out. Or work out to eat food. Once I made the mental shift seven years ago that food is the fuel I started to lean out. 2) Play the long…
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The Marriage Stack | 10 Ways to Have a Healthy and Dynamic Marriage

We are a work in progress and after 18 years of marriage, this month here are a few things I have learned. 1. Love is a choice every day. The feelings, emotions, and sexual energy will come and go through the decades. Love is a daily decision that multiplies over the decades. 2. You can…
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The Weapons of False Security

The Weapons of False Security I saw a monk working alone in the vegetable garden. I squatted down beside him and said, “Brother, what is your dream?” He just looked straight at me. What a beautiful face he had. “I would like to become a monk,” he answered. “But brother, you are a monk, aren’t…
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Four Signs of an Emotionally Healthy Differentiated Leader and Why It Matters in Your Team and Your Marriage

Emotional UnHealth is Stunting the Growth of Your Team and Marriage  The way I steward my own personal emotional health can bring health and healing to emotionally unhealthy systems; ie your company or marriage. I am responsible 100% for my emotions. I am not responsible for others’ emotions. And learning the difference and coaching could be what accelerates your…
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