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How to Close the Integrity Gap When Life is Fragmented

During a coaching call this week with a potential new client, he arrived a few minutes late. He apologized, and we quickly got started. I asked a straightforward question to begin, aiming to cut right to the chase: “Where else are you showing up a few minutes late?” His response was direct: “Everywhere, and it’s…
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A Brave Conversation about Intimacy

Three silent killers in your marriage and a script to use for building a passionate marriage tonight. 1) Hard conversations.2) Your desires.3) Listening. What to do instead. Use the following as a simple script. Say it with clarity. Own what you feel. Be calm. Then begin listening. 1) I would like to have a conversation…
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Scheduling Intimacy During Busy Seasons

Attention busy married CEO. Don’t be ashamed to schedule sex with your spouse and the five benefits below. There are seasons in life when it is totally acceptable to initiate intimacy with your spouse by planning several days ahead. At the retreat, my wife and I just led this last weekend we had the couples…
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Wilderness in Marriage and Ministry: Four Principles for Thriving Through Hard Seasons

During a six-hour road trip through the panhandle of Texas headed for our home in McKinney, a major turning point in my marriage occurred. I looked over at my wife, Jessica, and acknowledged the tears streaming down her face. Our four girls, all under the age of six, were in the back seats of our…
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The Spirit of Becoming a Coaching Leader

I am currently on a journey to focus my energies on reading more biographies because of an insight I had recently about one of my top five strengths on the StrengthsFinder. I am wired for Individualization according to StrengthsFinder, which means I am highly intrigued with the personal qualities of an individual and how to…
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A Toyroom, Leadership, and Why Stewardship Matters

It never ends. Stepping over toys. Stepping on toys. Asking them to clean up toys. How do you teach children (your team) to take care of their toys? This is my current strategy. “You have two choices. You can clean up what I have asked you to clean or you can leave them and lose…
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The Emotional Glass Ceiling on Your Life and Leadership

The intimate breakthrough you want with your wife is on the other side of the emotional glass ceiling. One of the emotional glass ceilings you may be facing is trying to care for and fix your spouse. You are not required to fix the problems of anyone. Including your spouse. The greatest gift you can…
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How to be a Transformational Leader

We all desire transformation, but few rarely experience a deep level of leadership transformation. It’s the primary reason Jesus expressed that it is easy to clean the outside of the cup than to face deep internal changes (Matthew 23:24-26). No matter what you are leading the future belongs to those willing to choose to be…
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A Path of Brave Leadership: The Tension of Letting Go and Playing

The power of your life’s story and your potential leadership is found in the hidden places where you take center stage and pull back the curtain.  The willingness to be seen.  I asked a client this week, “Tell me, how are you brave?” In the context of our coaching conversation, he began to share a…
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Three Ways to Fix Your Spouse

I am writing this from a limited view of what it means to be a husband who desires a thriving marriage. You don’t fix your wife. It really is that simple. She is not a problem to be solved, she is a beauty to be pursued. Here are three things that could be helpful to…
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