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Embracing Grief: Why Midlife Executives Must Acknowledge Loss in the Workplace

I was fired from my second official job role after five years and was told to go to a different church with a different theological belief framework. Even last year, I was let go because I was simply “not a good fit” —no other reason given. These experiences were not just professional setbacks; they were…
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A Manifesto for the One Essential Everday Carry – A Pocket Knife

One of the most powerful coaching questions I have asked was in the context of helping this man reclaim his soul and strength. In our conversation, I said, “When did you give the power to others to castrate you?” Men today are struggling to stand with strength and power. At every turn another man seems…
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Podcast: Famous at Home with Dr. Joshua Straub

Cultivating an environment of emotional awareness is one of the greatest works we can do, but is often neglected. Today Josh and Lantz share a few ideas about creating a home that is emotionally aware and will be helpful to your family. As Josh says, “The greatest red carpet you will ever walk on is…
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Podcast: Becoming a King with Morgan Snyder

I am deeply honored to bring to you a man who is living on a path of wholeheartedness and Kingdom living and believes “desire reveals design, and design reveals destiny.” What are you designing? Are you designing a life worth living? What do you desire? Are your desires pointed towards the right destiny? Morgan Snyder…
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Podcast: Living an Uncommon Life with Former Navy Seal Garrett Unclebach

“Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.” Who is in your corner helping you grow? If you are not surrounded by like-minded men moving in the same direction you need to join The Champions Circle. See below for the unedited version of the transcription from the podcast. Lantz Howard 0:02Hey friends, welcome to another…
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The Centrality of Living with Courage Over Chaos

Have you sold out to the confusion, chaos, and complacency of life? The confusion, chaos, and complacency is killing our heart. We see it all around. The wisdom from Proverbs 4:23 is paramount to leading a life worth following. I prefer the translation below from the English Standard Version for the use of “vigilance”, but…
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How to move forward when hopeless?

What do you want? What do you, the person read this blog, want? At home? At work? In your marriage or leadership? Are you drifting through your life? Letting your fears, loneliness, doubts, insecurities, and the pressure of “not enough” hold you back. I’ve been there and this question is the path to hope: What…
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