3 Ways to Hold Fast in Your Marriage

3 Ways to Hold Fast in Your Marriage

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I received a message this week asking me to pray for a man, his spouse, and their marriage that was falling apart. 

My parents got divorced when I was three and I know the pain that is caused when darkness overcomes a family.

It breaks my heart to hear of families and marriages being torn apart. Darkness is real and the spiritual warfare of this hour of life is deep. We need men and women who will stand in the gap and choose to be in the battle. 

I asked my wife, Jessica what are three ways to hold fast in your marriage. She said, pray, serve, and do it when you don’t want to.

In order to have something that you may not currently have in your marriage, relationship, or life you will need to do what you have not done before or get back to the basics. Jessica in her response describes the basics.

3 Ways to Hold Fast in Your Marriage




Questions to Help You Take Action:

How are you praying for your spouse right now? 

In what ways can you serve your spouse in the next 48 hours? 

What sacrifice are you willing to make to take your marriage to the next level?

The champion marriage will be won in the basics and fundamentals.
Do you need coaching for your marriage? 

A game plan to help you get back on track?

Or a marriage camp to help you train for transformation?


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