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Seeking the will of God as a Leader

Seeking the will of God this year in your leadership? Practice a posture of indifference when making key decisions. Often times personal leadership, families, or teams have preferred outcomes to a decision that is already in place and then we casually ask God to be with us in our decision. What if instead, we let…
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design your life

12 Questions to Stop Drifting Through Life and Design Your Life with Meaning in the Year Ahead

Hope is a choice. Hopeful people have a direction that points toward their desires, goals, and dreams. In essence, hope shapes your character in an aspirational identity and a story worth living. H.O.P.E – You need to get clear on the house you are building, the obstacles in the way, the perseverance that will be required, and healthy alignment with your ego.

One Question to Ask When Uncertain and How to Make Better Decisions

In the midst of challenging and confusing times anxiety has a way of taking over. Even in the best of circumstances navigating and making healthy decisions can become overwhelming.  There have been many scenarios and decisions that I have made and went looking for honest feedback and wisdom, but let’s be honest. Sometimes we are…
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