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Embracing Grief: Why Midlife Executives Must Acknowledge Loss in the Workplace

I was fired from my second official job role after five years and was told to go to a different church with a different theological belief framework. Even last year, I was let go because I was simply “not a good fit” —no other reason given. These experiences were not just professional setbacks; they were…
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Unveiling the Truth: Four Reasons You’re Hiding from Your Team

If you have spent more than one day in any leadership role you have learned to protect, guard, and armor up against perceived attacks. In fact, this does not apply to leadership roles it is a survival mechanism we all have learned from our formative years as children. All leadership pain comes from relational hurt,…
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Elevating Leadership and Strengthening Your Marriage: 7 Principles for Success

In the modern leadership landscape, navigating through chaos and complexity often leaves one feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and anxious. The pressures of leadership can easily tip the scales from healthy to unhealthy, especially when faced with the challenges of managing a marriage alongside professional responsibilities. In such moments of confusion, leaders must anchor themselves in principles…
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