Avoid Unhelpful Conversations with this One Idea and Three Questions to Ask to Make Your Conversations Helpful

Avoid Unhelpful Conversations with this One Idea and Three Questions to Ask to Make Your Conversations Helpful

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I have been considering this week how words and conversations can be unhelpful to others. 

I am a steward of the language that I use and the conversations I join.

How can I steward my conversations this year?

Our tongue is like the rudder of a ship and holds tremendous power to move people closer to a preferred destination and vision for their life. 

One conversation, one teammate, or one family member can create a toxic environment or a transformational environment by simply managing his or her speech. 

What if you avoided unhelpful language and conversations this year?

This is a question I often ask myself prior to sharing my thoughts in a conversation.

Is what I want to say helpful?

Our words, conversations, and social media post carry meaning that can oftentimes create unintended harm and hurt others. 

In an attempt to share our truth or opinion, we can give others the impression of unintended arrogance and self-righteous belief.  

One thing to avoid this year is being unhelpful in your speech. 

Surround yourself with those who are inspiring, and encouraging, and fill the room with a positive spirit. 

Three Questions to Engage in Helpful Conversations

  1. How can I be helpful?
  2. Am I participating in an unhelpful conversation?
  3. What could I share right now that is helpful to this conversation?

How do you help a teammate, family, or friend who seems to be the problem when it comes to toxic or unhelpful conversations? Be clear. Be kind. Be direct. 

Three Ways to Avoid Toxic Conversations and What to Say:

  1. Could I share something with you that I notice about our conversations?
  2. “It’s not helpful when you say ____ ____. It creates a frustrating environment.”
  3. I will choose to join the conversation when it is helpful and moving towards a positive outcome.

What would your marriage look like if you used helpful language?

What could happen in your business if you removed toxic conversations?

Your leadership could be 10X by simply using a few ideas above this year.

May we choose to steward our conversations in a direction that benefits others and kindly changes the environment from toxic to transformational.

“Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior.” I Timothy 2:16