How to Overcome Anxiety and Lead an Adventure

How to Overcome Anxiety and Lead an Adventure

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The world seems to be headed for a cliff. Pressure. Death. Grief. Confusion. 

This creates overwhelm for all of us. Do you feel it? Anxiety? Tired? Why does this happen?

We get off track when we don’t have a clear vision and purpose for the direction of our life. What we often choose to do is allow other people to give us the direction for our life. We listen to the noise of the world. We turn to numb and medicate what is happening on the inside. It seems like too many people are living on empty and at any moment can hit a tipping point. 

Do you feel like you are living on empty?

The other day I saw another high-capacity leader throw the towel in on his marriage. Friends, this simply cannot continue to happen. 

This is how John Eldredge describes it in his new book Resilient.

“We tap into our deep reserves to endure years of suffering and deprivation. Then one day our heart simply says, I don’t care anymore; I’m done. We abandon the fight and go off to find relief. I fear this is what’s happening now on a global scale.”  

Can I encourage and champion you to stay in the game? 

You have to choose a larger story to live and a bigger game to play. The game is beyond what is in the bank account. In fact, I was convicted by this Tuesday night when Jessica and I were leading a marriage coaching group. She briefly mentioned that she needs to be invited. That was it. She wants me to lead an adventure to invite her into a larger story. 

Your leadership at work requires you to be clear on what you want and communicate that vision to your team. Are you inviting them into the story?

Your leadership in your marriage requires you to be clear on what you want and communicate that to your spouse. Are you inviting her into the story?

We overcome anxiety at home and work when we choose to live an adventure. An adventure creates a spirit of play and wonder. Our head and heart need a pause in the pursuit of what’s next and push play on an adventure. 

The invitation is yours. Who will you invite?

Remember, all leadership is an emotional process and you have the agency to lead all of your relationships to the next level.

Listen to the recent podcast if you are an audible learner. Watch John Eldredge’s brief interview on my YouTube Channel.
Coaching questions to reflect on:
How full is your emotional capacity? 

Where can you insert a spirit of play and adventure?

What do you really want?

Adventure 100 – Challenge you to make a list of 100 things that are worth pursuing that give you life and energy. Then start living a larger story. 
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