Fitness Stack | 10 Ways for Peak Performance in Mid-Life

Fitness Stack | 10 Ways for Peak Performance in Mid-Life

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My fitness stack and how to be at peak performance at 42.

1) Food is fuel. Two choices in approaching food. Eat food to work out. Or work out to eat food. Once I made the mental shift seven years ago that food is the fuel I started to lean out.

2) Play the long game. My health has never been a quick diet or getting in shape for the beach in 30 days. I consider my health in decades not days.

3) Create a goal or challenge. Over the years I have completed triathlons, marathons, half marathons, 10k, adventure races, and obstacles courses races. Having a target date and a challenge to overcome helps my mind stay engaged.

4) Build lean muscle mass. Muscle burns fat. Lift heavy 2-3x per week and the other 2-3x per week mix in endurance-based cardio workouts.

5) Drink all the water. Stop spending unnecessary money on various drinks. Drink more water every day.

6) Reduce and cut out alcohol and refined sugar. Inflammation is the number one cause of disease. Inflammation happens in large part by added sugar in the body and unwanted chemicals.

7) Lock arms with others. For the last seven years, I have had a DIY CrossFit garage setup. In almost every season there has been one person up to five joining me for workouts. Growth partners build accountability.

8) Use proven, safe, and effective supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps. Creatine, pre-workout and post-workout, B, C, and D vitamins, Vegan and clean Whey protein, and boost natural free testosterone to name a few.

9) Eat more lean protein. In general 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Chicken, tuna, lean red meat, Salmon, plain Greek yogurt.

10) Eat more greens and cut out as much processed food as possible. Back to point 1, food is fuel. Our body was designed by God to operate with quality nutrition. Quality nutrition requires cooking your own food more often and shopping on the outside aisles of the grocery store.

You are a steward of this one body God has given you. Move it or lose it.

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