The #1 Way to Make Your Marriage Stronger

The #1 Way to Make Your Marriage Stronger

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This one question could change your marriage this year.

Ask yourself this question:

“Would I want to be married to me?”

A mediocre marriage is a direct result of the lack of investment that you have put into your personal, spiritual, emotional, and relational growth as a person. 

All growth can start from this one question. Consider your life from the outside looking in. What needs to change right now for that question to be true?

The #1 Way to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Grow yourself up. 

This is not the same as telling your spouse to grow up.

Let’s assume we were working together in a one-on-one executive coaching session or a marriage boot camp with your spouse. I would ask you the above question and then begin to uncover the layers behind the question.

  • Where do you feel behind? 
  • What fears or insecurities are coming to the surface? 
  • What would wholeness look like a year from now?

Often times in organizations and marriages we get fixated on the idea that the problem resides outside of ourselves. In reality, we are one aspect of a larger system. If you focus on growing yourself then you will be able to respond and navigate helping the marriage and system grow as well. We get ourselves in trouble in marriage when we try to fix our spouse or assume they are the problem. This is a broad, yet generally true statement. 

If we focus on making ourselves flourish then we can help redeem our marriage as well. 

“If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light.” Jesus