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The Wholehearted Leadership Coaching Community 

The WLCC is a monthly mastermind for married faith-driven men who want to get physically, spiritually, and mentally strong.

“If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.” Ecclesiastes 10:10

Avoid burnout, medicority, and a sexless marriage.

Commit for 90 days and conquer your goals. Stay for a year and your life will transform. 

What will transform?.
Lower your stress and anger levels.
Build a passionate marriage.
Own your God-given leadership.

What do you get? 
Group coaching calls.
Monthly challenges to keep you in the game.

$300 Per Month Investment 

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Transformational Coaching for Individuals

Elevate your performance by getting customized, curated coaching that guides you to your next peak.

Coaching pathways are built for each leader based on clear goals, a 90 day strategy, one year plan, and a three year vision. 

Coaching Pathways:
Physical Wellness 
Executive Presence
Passionate Marriage
Lifestyle Performance
Entrepreneur Mindset

Who is it for?
Small Business Owners
Senior Leaders
Growth Oriented Individuals
Lead Pastor

Assessments are determind by your personal goals that optimize your leadership. Options: Birkman, Enneagram, StrengthsFinder, DNA Wellness, or Testerone Blood Work.

Investment for coaching varies and is customized to meet your highest goal. 

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Leadership Wellness: Build a Coaching Culture

Every American faces work related stress and it magnifies itself when you consider the weight of leading well at home. 

Go beyond leadership development and uncover the hidden truths about stress, emotions, and relational wellbeing. 

Avoid the hidden cost of quitting, burnout, and emotional wellness.

Sharpen your skills and get emotionally strong in your leadership. 

Looking to improve the performance of your team? 

Do you know how people on your team respond to stress?

Looking to help your team improve communication and drive success with professional coach training?

Inquire about coach training for your team.

Level up by investing in the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of your team. 

Team Leadership Coaching for Up to 6 Leaders

Investment Varies Based on Needs