Is Change Possible? 

Is Change Possible? 

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Is Change Possible? 

Only to the degree that we are willing to put on a new identity. 

The habits and decisions you make are based on the identity that you perceive that you have on the inside. 

We get stuck when we are making decisions based on the outside reality. 

I had a friend that contacted me this week and wants to hire me as a coach. He has put on 15 lbs recently (the last few weeks) due to a highly demanding and stressful work environment. 

The struggle is not the food.

The struggle is his identity with food. In particular, his identity with the way he interacts and how he manages stress. 

Making external decisions based on an internal reality. 
This shift happens when you move from toxic thinking to living your transformational truth. 

Change is possible when you slow down and ask, “Who am I becoming?”

Don’t like who you are becoming? 
Start to shift your decisions and habits in the direction of who you want to become. 
For example, say you are 41 years old (that’s me) and you desire to be healthy, whole, and active and do Spartan races with your grandchildren. 

This new narrative shifts my small daily decisions. As Morgan Snyder says, “Live in the day. Measure in the decade.”

Ready to make a change? Change is hard. Living in comfort and complacency is harder. 

Start by deciding what identity you will need to put on and make small daily decisions that support that new identity.

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