Habit #5 of Being a Champion Husband

Sexually Confident 

Stop expecting your wife to show up in powerful ways when you have given up on your ability to show up. Showing up for your wife in the bedroom begins in the kitchen. You may be lacking desire because of your passivity for the cheap substituion our culture offers. 

Day #5 Insight and Challenge 

Increase her desire and improve your performance by holding onto yourself and leading with humility and courage. 



Your personal sex drive or libido is not determind by how quick you “get off” or have an orgasm. Your sexual performance is related to your capacity to hold on yourself, identity, and be fully present with your wife. 



What is keeping you from being sexually vulnerable with your wife in sharing your desires? Are you fully present when having sex? How you do sex is how you do life and how you do life is how you do sex?  



Spouse Challenge: Be able to hold on your sexual energy with no attachment and give her a deep kiss.  Text: “Free Massage Tonight! When the kids go to bed tonight I am ready to give you a full body massage. XOXO!”