Habit #2 Being a Champion Husband

Your Personal Communication 

The words you speak and don’t speak echo throughout your home.

Habit #2 Insight and Challenge

The level of your intimacy is in direct relation to your courgeous vulnerability that connects your heart and emotions to your wife.



Examining your communication begins by looking at your personal expectations. Do you wake up when the alarm clock goes off? Or have you lost trust in your own ability to ‘trust’ yourself to be true to your desired actions? Do hat you are going to say you are going to do, beginning with the alarm clock. 



Have you made a verbal commitment to your spouse that you have not kept recently? What action do you need to take to build trust with her? What can you do around the house that that has been left undone?



Spouse Challenge: Hug your wife for 20 seconds the next three days during this challenge. A 20 second hug creates intimacy chemicals in our brain and bonds us closer to each other.

Text: “You are incredibly gorgeous. I would like to take you out. I am planning a date for us in _____ days. Would you be my date? I will take care of the babysitter so you can enjoy the entire evening.”