Habit #3 of Being a Champion Husband

Your Dynamic Circles

You can only change yourself. You can influence those close. 

Habit #3 Insight and Challenge 

Once you begin to change and grow your immediate circle of influence may not respond as desired. Stay the course. Taking a road less traveled will require your personal tribe, a band of brothers, or board of directors.



The circle of change, influence, and concern is owning that you are radically in charge of yourself. This requires the ability to confront yourself and hold onto your convictions. 



What is your mindset about growth? Are you playing small to make room for others? How can you own your calling and step into your “circle” with radical responsibility? What will you gain if you stay the course in becoming a champion husband?



Spouse Challenge: How well do you know your spouse? Do you know where she desires to grow and change? What are her current challenges and concerns? Ask her…

Text: “What concerns or challenges are you facing that I can pray for you today?”

Challenge: Who are your brothers who are in your corner? Invite them on this champions path with you. 

“I am on Day 3 of Champion Husband and I am growing my capacity to lead and love others. Thanks for being a friend. Join the challenge with me at ChampionHusband.com”