Habit #4 of Being a Champion Husband

Create Spiritual Intimacy

Nurturing her heart in spiritual intimacy turns up the heat.

Habit #4 Insight and Challenge

Your heart is under attack. Her heart is under attack. Assassinate the spiritual complanecy and conquer the emotional, spiritual, and sexual divide once and for all. 



Practicing non judmental self compassion is the path to growth in your walk with God. Coming back into relationship with the Father will lead to breakthroughs in your marriage. May you receive, “Everything you need is in the house of the Father.”



How is your union with God? Do you hear Him speaking to you? How often are you reading the Bible? Are you aware of the spiritual warfare taking place?



Spouse Challenge: Pray outloud with your wife. Pray with your wife outside of the dinner table or other cultural norms. You are capable you have what it takes. 

Text: “I am Day 4 of a Champion Marriage Challenge and I want you to know that I will seek to grow as a man of God. I am really uncertain in this area and do not not feel capable. Thank you for being patient with me in this area. By God’s mercy I will grow from this day forward.”