Do you want to be well?

Do you want to be well?

wholeness in jesus becoming well

Do you want running water during a hard freeze? 

Keep the water dripping, they say, it will prevent your pipes from freezing. Not always true when it dips below -0. Frozen pipes lead to busted pipes. Busted pipes lead to a mess. 

Do you want clean water? 

You need to boil your water until the water department is back in optimal running condition. 

I mentioned recently that God does his best work in the waiting, wondering, and the winter. It’s as if we (I) am not listening. What are you trying to teach me God? 

We can view our circumstances through our view of the world or we can take this as an opportunity to go deeper into the heart of the human condition and a Kingdom reality.

We are people who are in desperate need. No, we dare not say it out loud, but our underlying anxiety says it loud and clear in the blood pressure of our soul and our external response about the news, politics, our spouse, our kids, our job, on and on.

I don’t want to run my water. I don’t want to boil my water. 

But…you will potentially have a mess on your hands. 

The underlying condition that our heart struggles against is the need for change. 

The invitation from Jesus in John 5 is clear, “Do you want to be well?”

If we are to journey into the water that makes us whole will we accept the need for our change? Our need to see Jesus and desire to be in complete union with Him. Or is the current mess worth standing in?

What are you saying, “I don’t want to… _______” because it will require a change of heart and giving Jesus the place in your heart that He desires. 

We want clean water, we want running water, and the healing pool is open to the invitation of Jesus because the water never freezes. 

In the coming Kingdom, all will be restored and we will hold on to all healing experiences he provides today. Jesus is wondering if we have the courage to be well. To accept His invitation. 

May you walk with courage today in the midst of the challenges and accept Jesus’ invitation into friendship, union, wholeness, and providing all you need to be well.