3 Reasons Men Fail at Relationships with Other Men

3 Reasons Men Fail at Relationships with Other Men

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Who carries your mat?

Did you know that men on average do not add any meaningful friends to their life after the age of 35? 

Now consider your current age in relation to this idea. What meaningful male friendship have you added to your life since the age of 35? 

There is a similar correlation to male depression, spiritual growth/decline, loneliness, job advancement, children, marriage struggles, and vitality for living.

Three Primary Reasons Men Fail at Male Friendship

Insecure – Identity as a person is not on solid ground.

Invalidated – Looking at external areas of life for meaning.

Vulnerable – Fear of being truly known.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

It seems that many men face a slow decline of life after the age of 36 that could be tied to our lack of deep ongoing brotherhood that challenges and encourages us in the right seasons of life. In essence, we become men with a half-heart, lose desire, fall into disappointment and stop dreaming.

“You are headed for the grave when your memories exceed your dreams.” Bart

This brings me to Luke 5:18-25. (Read the passage for context.)

Who is willing to carry you in seasons when you are not able to carry yourself?

Who do you have a meaningful relationship with that you could call at 2:00 am and ask them to carry you?

You are not a bystander in the battle for the masculine soul, brotherhood, and walking this Jesus journey with other men. 

Self Coaching

How many meaningful friendships do you have that are pointing you to Kingdom living? How many meaningful male friendships have you added to your life since the age of 35?

Take Action:

Who can you text right now and engage in a relationship to start carrying each other’s mat?