Podcast with Author Jordan Raynor – Redeeming Your Time, Marriage Date Ideas, and Your Influence with Your Children

Podcast with Author Jordan Raynor – Redeeming Your Time, Marriage Date Ideas, and Your Influence with Your Children


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Join the conversation as Lantz Howard sits down and asks him eight questions about his marriage, leadership, life, and how he desires to learn how to play as a spiritual practice. Your life will be enriched by getting Jordan’s book Redeeming Your Time and get a copy of his latest children’s book at JordanRaynor.com

Here are the eight questions we explored together:

Champion Hope Podcast Interview

  1. One of the greatest adventures we are on is to love, serve, and lead our spouse in meaningful ways. Tell us about a recent date and how that reveals more about your life? 
  2. After a great date with your spouse and you need to work off the extra food you consumed and the dessert, what is your preferred style of workout and what does that say about your leadership?
  3. It seems everyone wants to talk about winning but rarely do we want to talk about the process that got us to the winning season of life. One of the complexities of life is learning to embrace suffering and how suffering can refine our character which helps us grow endurance and how that shapes our hope and Kingdom ambition. Can you share about one of your suffering moments and how that has defined you and points to your desire, design, and destiny?
  4. Every ambitious leader has dreams and fears. What are your secret fears? And how does it hold you back?
  5. When you are out of alignment with Jesus, how do you know? What spiritual practices help get you back into alignment? 
  6. God’s desire is that we live fully alive and yet we know that tension that there is one seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. What are three resources that have helped you in your marriage and/or business embrace being fully alive?
  7. Tell us about what has your focus, passion, and attention right now? Why should it be ours?
  8. Everyone is moving forward. What are your secret dreams? If that becomes true what story would you share three years from now about how that champions hope?

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