Champion Husband Masterminding and Mentoring

Create your passionate marriage, and killer business, without losing your soul.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership, strengthen your marriage, and align your success with your values?

Tired of making costly mistakes in your marriage and at work?

Deep coaching and community is a spiritual discipline, and it needs to be elevated. If we know how to maintain strong, godly friendships, we will make fewer mistakes in our lives, and we’ll recover more quickly from those we do make.

Reasons to Join a Champion Husband Mastermind

You need a safe space to discern ongoing leadership and marriage decisions. You need meaningful relationships that champion your work and home life. You need leaders who provide collective wisdom. 

You can strengthen the soul of your emotional and spiritual leadership when you have the courage to join a coaching community.



Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a journey of growth. Our group coaching sessions provide a space for insightful discussions, feedback, and personalized guidance from seasoned professionals.



Empower yourself with the tools and strategies to lead with clarity, purpose, and resilience. Our expert-led workshops and resources are tailored to help you navigate the challenges of leadership while maximizing your impact.



Integrate your faith into your leadership style and business practices. Our faith-driven leadership program combines timeless principles with modern strategies, helping you lead authentically while staying true to your beliefs.

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Show Her Off 

Level up your life, business, and marriage by learning how to elevate your queen. Let go of the nice guy syndrom that is holding you back and get the love, sex, and connection you desire. 


Stop wasting time, money, and energy on the latest conference, video course, books, and podcast.

Start building your personal board of advisors that serve you for the decade, get a personal coach, and real time leadership and marriage conversations that help you grow where it matters most.

Redeem your time and with deep conversations that promote transformational leadership and a passionate marriage.

You will contextualize curated content, coaching, and community that catalyzes the change you want.

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Create Your Path  

Your goals is what matters in the mastermind. Everyone is at a different place on the journey. You choose your path and get the team to support you to reach your goals. 

Join Champion Husband Mastermind

Ready to take the next step in your leadership and marriage journey? Join our exclusive membership community.



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  • 12 Month Community
  • Monthly Masterminding and Mentoring
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  • Husband and Wife Both Get Coaching
  • 2x Per Year Exclusive Adventure
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