What outdoor gear is required?

What outdoor gear is required?

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Making final arrangements for a hiking trip has me thinking about tents. Camping for one versus camping with my family requires different gear. Primarily the difference of taking forever to set up a tent to sleep six people versus pitching a hammock with a rain fly for one person. 

As men, we are intrigued by outdoor gear. Your choice gear for the outdoors may be a rifle, fishing pole, or an ATV, but there is a common theme, we like our outdoor gear. It taps into our God-given design to be connected to creation. What is your favorite outdoor gear?

This is the same curiosity that intrigued John and Andrew to see what gear Jesus had for his sleeping arrangements. 

“Where are you staying?”  John 1:35-39 Consider this scene in The Chosen. It gives a glimpse into what could have been possible. (If you have not watched The Chosen, please do so with your family. We are watching for a second time and once again I find myself overwhelmed with warmth and love of desiring to walk with Jesus.)

So…have you ever thought about in your mind’s eye the arrangements that Jesus had for his outdoor gear?

It begins with curiosity and it ends with a simple invitation to “come and see.”

Jesus responded, “come and see.” It was late in the afternoon and they stayed the rest of the day. I am sure Jesus, John, and Andrew sat around a campfire eating and sharing laughter and deep conversations with one another. 

The invitation is the same today. It is not a burden. Imagine yourself with the human Jesus being invited to see his outdoor gear, his tent, the place he was before his ministry began. 

It is the same place today. He desires for you to go on a journey with him today. Will you follow the invitation to “come and see?” 

Being loved, accepted, and dwelling with Jesus as a friend and companion brings a new dimension to how we walk this week. 

What could be different this week in your journey if you are curious about Jesus and how he desires to be with you in a come and see relationship?

Where are you on the journey?

Where could you get curious this week?