Create a passionate marriage and a killer business without losing your soul.

“Do I have what it takes?”

Every leader desires to know his or her true strength and answer this question without fear or hesitation.

Yet, every leader has a battle within that runs deep—right to the core.

There is a war going on for your life.

A battle against forces designed to steal, kill, and destroy you, your marriage, and your business.

The battle begins in your mind, manifests through your behavior, and seeks to destroy your heart.

There is a way to have more passion, courage, and freedom.

Your Father created you to flourish and experience life abundantly.

Thankfully, He who created you has built into you every tool you will need to triumph.

Are you tired and worn out by traditional coaching pathways that rely on the flesh?

This is your invitation to a transformational way of becoming a wholehearted leader. A leader to whom God can gladly entrust the care of his kingdom.

A path that elevates life, restores the heart, and renews the mind for transformational leadership.

Calling all leaders who desire to steward well until the moment they hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”

When you are ready, take a risk, and come get your heart back. 

For the Kingdom,
Lantz Howard

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How to Get Started

Every leadership journey is different. Therefore, I offer coaching that is tailored to each individual, team, and organization. This could be one powerful coaching session, a one day intensive, marriage intensive, a long term coaching agreement, or curated coach training for your team.



Schedule a Strategy Session

We will spend up to 90 minutes on the phone or Zoom diving deep into a paid coaching session. You may get what you need in one session or want to explore a coaching partnership.


Create a Coaching Partnership

If their is a desire or need we can explore a partnership together that helps you continue your desired growth.


Becoming Wholehearted

If you choose to move forward in a plan that we will co-create together you will then be on a path to live and lead with your wholeheart. 

What Other Leaders Say

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“Lantz has a moxie about him and his coaching approach.

He asks really helpful and insightful questions.

I needed someone to talk to about leading my wife in this next season of marriage and intimacy, accountability on personal finance, and clarity for health goals.

I made great progress through our time and work together.

Lantz creates a courageous space to take conversations

I’m glad to refer my peers to Lantz because I trust him and his expertise.”

Seth Buechley

CEO and Telecom Consultant 

“Lantz is an incredible champion for you, your family, and your business. He coaches you on the warrior mindest and has challenged me in ways that I did not know was possible. He cares about the better version of you and will not let you set and coast. He empowers you to walk fully alive in God.

chick fil a coach
David Hamel

Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

“The ability to connect on personal and business development has helped me see life’s integration. I have more intentionality, purpose, and goals with clear accountability from Lantz as my Executive Coach. Lantz is extremely good at pulling me out of tunnel vision and pushing me to be better than yesterday.

coach life chick fil a coach
Hunter Clinton

Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator

“As a former MLB pitcher, I like to think about it in terms of baseball. Lantz isn’t the general manager of the team. He isn’t the specialist. He isn’t even the coach. He is ON THE TEAM with you. A team is only as good as the team’s leader. Put Lantz on your team and let him lead you.”

shawn tolleson mlb pitcher
Shawn Tolleson

Former Pitcher Texas Rangers

“I needed clarity…”

“Lantz ask the most powerful questions during our times together. I needed clarity in my calling, life, and leadership. He challenges me to think and dig deep. Lantz has an anointing on his life to coach others.”

lantz howard

Howdy! I’m Lantz Howard, executive coach, marriage therapist, and spiritual guide.

As a transformational executive coach, marriage therapist, former pastor, and wellness practitioner I leverage all my training to help leaders get the edge in life they desire and it starts with restoring the heart.

If you landed here, that tells me you’re not satisfied with mediocre leadership, team, or marriage. You’re a faith-driven leader who is ready to transfrom your life wounds into wholehearted leadership.

You see this time as an invitation to level up and refocus on becoming the wholehearted leader you are called to be. I’d love to begin a conversation about what that means for you.

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