Popular Tourist Destinations in North India


North India is known for its majestic Himalayan mountains, trekking terrains, flowing rivers, beautiful valleys, hill stations, heritage monuments and for all the scenic views that cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world.

I mean that there is so much for tourist apart from tourist attractions like dinning in villages, attending local marriages, celebrating festivals with locals etc. So the best way to explore some amazing Indian destinations is to experience it all….

Let’s hear about some of the most popular tourist fascinations in North India.

New Delhi

New Delhi

Let’s start with our capital city, New Delhi that is a bustling metropolitan city yet has a charm of the olden times with its old streets and heritage monuments.

Not to miss, the pride of Delhi, India Gate that is a reminiscence of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who laid down their lives during World War I. This is a popular relaxing area in summer evenings and a much visited picnic spot during winters. And you will also love to enjoy an ice-cream at night.

Then you have some amazing destinations like Lodhi Garden, Qutab Minar, many sikh temples and not to forgot some amazing hotels and resorts in the city.

Delhi is home to more than 22.5 million people and these people loves to enjoy their traditions. Visit Delhi in winter and you will notice many farmhouses turned into wedding destinations. There more than 10000 marriages arranges in winter only and this is a fact according to one of our source who is a GM at Pitrashish wedding hotels in New Delhi.

So do attend a wedding in the city.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple

Golden Temple also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib holds to be one of the oldest Sikh gurudwaras and is visited by thousands of pilgrims regardless of their caste or creed. It is blessed with a unique Sikh architecture. The most preferable time to visit the temple is from November to March since the climate is pleasant during this winter season. Also, visiting the temple during festive times like Baisakhi and Diwali offers an awesome sight. You will find it heavily crowded during these festivals.

For many Sikh families, Amritsar is an ideal destination to celebrate wedding and thus the best way to explore this city of Guru is to attend a Sikh marriage.

Mall Road, Shimla


When visiting the Queen of hill Stations, Shimla, one place that you just can’t miss is the Mall Road. This is one of the busiest commercial areas of the city that has been built in an extremely strategic and planned way.

Situated in city’s main street, the Mall Road is dotted with all major colonial structures, most renowned hotels, restaurants and recreation centers. Hotel Willow Banks, Clarkes Hotel, Honeymoon Inn Shimla and Himanis Premium are some good names in the list to stay or to arrange a marriage. The best time to visit is during spring and summer time.

Srinagar Kashmir


Srinagar, Kashmir is a paradise on earth with its snow clad mountains, majestic maple trees lined across the roads, relaxing valleys and the beautiful Dal Lake with amazing houseboats (shikaras) floating on it. Many houseboats like the Mandalay Houseboats and the Heritage Gurkha Houseboats offer comfortable stay while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Some other big name hotels are Pahalgam Hotel, New Jacquline Hotel and Vivanta by Taj Hotel. The city is a delight to nature lovers, shopping enthusiasts and the Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine lovers. April to June is the most popular time for tourists to visit the place since the weather is cool.

City of Varanasi


The holy city of Varnasi is listed among the oldest living cities of the world. Also known as Kashi and Benaras, this sacred city is renowned for its ancient temples, holy ghats, fine quality silk, ‘paan’ and is a famed pilgrimage site for Hindus. The best time to visit is between October and March since some of the major festivals happen during these months.

Enjoy a complete North India tour and take along memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Shopping Malls Near Delhi Airport and Some More Destinations You Will Love

Delhi Airport

Thousands of frequent travelers land on New Delhi international airport every day. But I am not interested in this fact. I am interested in that I am a travel blogger and plus loves shopping.

So I present you a deep insight of all the shopping destinations one can visit and also some amazing destinations to taste some tasty cuisines. Have a look.

Shopping Malls near New Delhi Airport

DLF Promenade

DLF Promenade Mall

For a complete selection of local and international items, this is the place to shop. DLF Promenade was probably designed and built to cater across all classes. It does not spell high end, although there are touches of it all around its four corners.  There is a lounge where people, including me get to choose their food fixes at a cheaper price and at the same time, there is also a play hub for the little kids. Movies can also be seen through high end screen cinemas and a number of branded retail shops spread throughout the mall, I bought a pair of awesome sunglasses while I was there. DLF is best strolled with the whole family during weekends.

DLF Emporio

DLF Emporio

Posh, this is the word that best explains DLF Emporio. Upon entering this upscale mall, you will already notice a lot of international luxury designer brands from shoes, watches, and dining such as Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Dior, Calvin Klein, and so many more. The mall literally spells luxury from the exteriors to its inside. The lobby is to die for with high standard marbles and furniture. There are many brands to choose from, they may not be the cheapest, but they sure can tickle ones fancy especially the ladies who will always feel living in the fast lane every time they visit DLF Emporio. I find the place a little bit expensive for my taste, but who cares; at least I get to experience how it is to become an A-lister for once in my lifetime!



Select Citywalk is a stylish shopping haven in New Delhi where a lot of people go for friendly bonding, I honestly was enjoying a sip of tea and a slice of quarter pounder sandwich at one of the local restaurant located inside the mall. Select Citywalk is usually the “it” place for shopping as evidence by the number of people going there every day, the place seems kind of crowded in a very good way. Enjoy spoiling yourself with the number of brands and restaurants that put up stores here as well as movie cinemas, beauty and health spas, and international cellphone brands and other gadgets. What’s best in this mall is that it is open up until 11 pm.

Ambience Mall Gurgaon

With a good mixture of international and local retail stores, the Ambience Mall is a nice place to spend the dime gained from work. It has the widest selection of brands numbering at 250 and the biggest leisure zone that is unparalleled by any other malls out there. The Gourmet Boulevard has the best selections of fast food chains and fine dining restaurants. Ambience mall is distinctively unique and will make room for millions of smiles.

Sahara Mall Gurgaon

Sahara Mall in Gurgaon is said to be the largest and the oldest mall in the region, but is by far one of the competitive malls in the area. If you wanted to experience the true Indian living, this is the best place to visit. The mall is filled with a number of pubs and disco clubs making it a very nice place to drink booze and dance explosively or stay at a stand-up comedy bar and laugh out loud from a tired work before capping the night off. 

Some affordable and luxury hotels near Delhi Airport

There are many delhi airport hotels near terminal 3 and as this list comprise of everything near delhi airport so its a duty to add some hotels in this list.

Pitrashish Premium Hotel

Pitrashish Pride Hotel near delhi airport

Pitrashish Premium is awarded boutique delhi airport hotels near terminal 3. They have been given the center of excellence award by Tripadvisor. The hotel offer free shuttle service and have 2 amazing in house restaurants.

This hotel is a favourite option for corporate travelers who like to stay in udyog vihar gurgaon hotels. Rooms here cost approx 2500 and its a value for money deal.

The Umrao

The Umrao

The Umrao is a luxury hotel which is a perfect place for travlers looking for some extra luxurious services. They offer some amazing business services like conference, private parties etc. So if you have a bog pocket then The Umrao is not a bad deal.

Some Small but Amazing Shopping Stores near Delhi Airport

Not only shopping malls but one can visit many handicrafts house near New Delhi Airport. Some of the most popular ones are…

Delhi Bazaar Craft House

Delhi Bazaar Craft House

A mall that is small in size but have wonderful stuff that are indigenously Indian. This is a haven for foreigners who wanted to bring home a little pinch of Indian civilization back to their hometown, and that is what I did. Catch a glimpse of the arts and crafts of the local people as well as the artisan shops that offer quality tea and essential oils at very affordable price and of good quality. I bought myself a pack of green tea that are individually made by hand wrapped with love and little elephant paper maches for souvenirs to give to friends which India is known for, as far as I am concerned.

Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat INA

Delhi Haat INA offers handicrafts that are locally made and 100% Indian. The stalls here sell anything and everything local from hot chicken in bamboos to handmade sandals and shoes. The place has a village atmosphere to it making it ideal for foreign tourists to visit. I was fascinated of how it looks to be like a big village but with rooms that offer local products. The architectural design as I was told, was more towards the traditional style of Northern Indian while the landscape have been infused with vibrant floras and faunas to combine with the environment harmoniously. This is definitely a good market to visit while in India.

Places to dine near New Delhi International Airport

After all this shopping I am sure that you will love to dine near Delhi Airport.

Clever Fox Cafe

Clever Fox CafeOne of the gems of the Lemon Tree Hotel is its Clever Fox Café that serves the best continental and local Indian cuisines. The restaurant offers healthy meals and light snacks for everyone to choose from. I ordered a deli sandwich and it was to my liking, very crispy greens and fresh meat, definitely worth eating and cleansed my palate with a hot tea. The ambiance of the place soothes anyone’s gustatory taste buds once they come inside to taste the food themselves.

The Great Kabab Factory

The Great Kabab Factory

If you are more into Kababs, then I suggest you try out the Great Kabab Factory. India is known for its spices along with its rich culture and tradition, and Great Kabab Factory will tickle your fancy of the local delicacy flares and will make you ask for more kebabs than you could ever eat in your lifetime. Try to sample one out of a hundred or more kinds of kebabs which are offered on a rotational basis here, and experience the full flavors of Indian cuisine at its finest.


Kainoosh Restaurant

Kainoosh serves local Indian cuisines but with a twist of serving it on a silver platter, and by that I mean eating at a fine dining restaurant. Just by the imagery of the walls, decors, and chosen furniture of the place, you will immediately recognize that you are in a majestic and elegant place to dine. Get ready to be struck by awesome refinement through its perfectly made dishes that will leave you speechless after tasting them. The place is a gem of all the restaurants out there, a must try restaurant not just because of its fancy architecture but its culinary masterpieces waiting to be revealed for the whole world to be tasted.

List of all types of travel companies in Delhi by Lantz Howard

Online Travel Companies in Delhi Ncr

This enormous list of travel agents from different fields like inbound or outbound or online is crafted with the to you by Abijit Bose who is the general manager in Pitrashish Hotel Karol Bagh with rates that any one can afford.

So without any delay lets get started with this list.


Inbound travel agencies in Delhi

– Caper Travel Company (P) Ltd

Caper Travel Company is an inbound travel service provider with its headquarters in Delhi. Their team of experienced staff makes it hassle free for anyone across the globe to have great travel experience.

They provide services like adventure tour, tribal tour, safari tours in jeep, hotel bookings and railway bookings etc.

– Max Holidays India Private Limited

Max Holidays with its head office in Delhi is a travel service provider for tours all over India and neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

They have wide range of travel packages that will suit the requirements of all kinds of travelers. They are recognized by government of India and have been associated with many travel agents association across the world.

– India Inbound

As the name suggests, India Inbound, is one of the reputed and premier inbound travel service providers in Delhi and have been in the business for last 32 years.

They have travel packages that will suit all kinds of budgets and their professional staff makes sure that any traveler from around the world is made to feel like home.


Outbound Travel from Delhi

– Tycoon Holidays

Tycoon Holidays is an outbound travel service provider with its headquarters in Delhi. They have tour packages covering all the exotic locations like Bali, Singapore, Egypt, Mauritius, Europe and many more.

Apart from this, they also assist the tourists in obtaining visa as well as travel insurance. If you do not like their packages, you need not to worry, you can abruptly contact their representatives and they will provide you with a customized tour package.

– Privet Holidays Pvt. Ltd

Privet Holidays specializes in providing visa assistance to foreign individuals who are travelling to Russia, CIS and Dubai. They have wide variety of travel packages with destinations spread within India as well as across the world.

They provide tour packages not just for family but also for corporate events. Their services include visa assistance, work permit, domestic and international packages, ticketing and hotel booking.

– Amatra travel & leisure pvt. Ltd

Amantra travel & leisure Pvt Ltd is a premier outbound travel service provider in Delhi. They have various travel packages for corporate events, honeymoon, schools and family vacations etc. They keep the interest of their clients at the heart of all the packages.


Travel Technology Firms in Delhi

– Fore Technology

Fore Technology provides latest platform for anyone seeking online travel booking solution. They provide services like booking engine, airfare management, web designing and development, SEO/PPC, e-business, travel expertise, development cycle and technology skills.

– Mayorista Online Technology Pvt Ltd

Mayorista online is a premier technology provider based in Delhi for management of online travel company.

Apart from this, they also specialize in enterprise IT solutions and digital marketing. Their team of efficient software professionals makes sure that the online portal for travel remains error free.

Their area of work includes application architecture, database design, XML integrations, booking engine, front end and back end.

– Axis softech

Axis Softech is an ace technology provider to travel companies in Delhi. They provide solutions to travel companies that are easy to install, commercially viable and reliable.

They can also provide platform for both B2B as well as B2C. Some of the reputed clients include Kuoni, Miki Travel, Abacus and Travelport etc.


Adventure travel companies in New Delhi

– Ascent Descent Adventures

Ascent Descent Adventures is one of the premier travel companies that specialize in adventure travel packages.

They have wide variety of adventure travel packages for destinations such as Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Apart from travel packages, they also provide their clients training like mountaineering, rock climbing, glacier training, river rafting, etc.

They have a team of trained and experienced professionals who will help you make the entire booking experience hassle free.

– Aquaterra Adventures

Aquaterra Adventures provides adventure travel packages to thrill seekers that would satisfy their appetite for adventure.

They have trips that cover all kinds of activities like mountaineering, kayaking, overland journeys, rafting and trekking.

They have fixed travel packages and can also customize a trip as per your requirement.

– White Magic Adventure Travel Pvt Ltd

White Magic Adventure provides travel packages for thrill seekers that cover all the aspects of adventure like mountaineering, rafting, kayaking and on land journeys etc.

They have fixed departures for hot favorite locations and can also provide their customers a customized trip.

They cover locations like India, Nepal, Bhutan and other international destinations. They have impeccable staff that makes the entire journey entirely hassle free for their clients.


Online Travel Companies in Delhi Ncr


Makemytrip is India’s no. 1 online travel company that deals in domestic as well as international travel packages.

Their travel packages keep in mind the minute requirement of Indian travelers so that they do not face any trouble even while travelling to foreign location.

One can also custom build their own travel package as per their need. Other than that, various services like ticketing, hotel booking, visa assistance is also provided by them.


Travelguru is an online portal which specializes in hotel booking. Its other services include flight booking, holiday packages for both domestic as well as international destinations.

They have a team of experts who will always be there to help the prospective clients in order to generate their itinerary.


Yatra is a premier online portal for anything related to travel and accommodation. They provide customized as well as group travel packages for both domestic as well as international destinations.

They have special deals each day that would benefit a client in their booking. Other offers like cash back on credit cards and early booking discount etc. is also offered by them. Apart from flight, they also do ticketing for trains and buses.

There is also a fare calendar for flights which is a useful tool for visitors who can plan their trip in advance and in turn save a lot on their trip.

Amazing Water bodies of Rajasthan written by Lantz Howard

sambhar salt lake

All along I had never envisaged touring India because I was ignorant of its beauty. I had known India more specifically about her IT industry. However, I was shocked when recently I went to Jaipur India on an academic trip.

We were a group of 20 students and I was their trip adviser. I had booked La premier spa resort in Jaipur which was referred to me by my pal. Now we were told that our specific point of adventure would be the state of Rajasthan. On arriving, we immediately began the exploring it.

Our first visit was to Mansagar Lake. It is well situated in the state in the sense that you can easily visit it.

A. Mansagar Lake

Mansagar Lake Jaipur

Mansagar Lake  is generally wide in its appearance and is surrounded by Nahargarh hills. One of its amazing and captivating aspects is the number of birds that you see on it. Additionally, it is that place where you can visit both at sunrise and sunset. It has a palace located in the middle of it to your amazement.

2. Lake Pichola

lake pichola udaipur

Lake Pichola which was our next visit is an artificial lake located in the same district of Rajasthan. This lake has its name derived from the nearby Picholi village. It was primary designed to meet the growing drinking water and irrigation needs of the state residents. It is a fresh water lake of approximately four kilometers in length. More surprisingly, it is a very romantic place and therefore ideal for those that love tranquility.

3. Sambhar salt lake

sambhar salt lake

Another very surprising lake was Sambhar salt lake. It is the largest lake in India with an approximated area of 230 kilometers square. This lake is located on the west of Jaipur meaning it is easily accessible. Additionally, because of its salt, refining works are easily identified there. Most of its soil is full of salt and as a result it is a busy site for many industries.

4. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake Rajasthan

Pushkar Lake is popularly identified by the numerous temples and Ghats around it. Most people in this state and beyond come to worship by this lake because of their long held believes. Pushkar is both a beautiful and old lake. The environment here is so serene and hardly do you hear disturbing noise in this side of the world. Most people that come to this place are friendly and dressed in holy garments.

5. Chambal River

Finally,we toured Chambal Riverwhich is located in the northern part of India. It is a beautiful water body to behold because of the vegetation surrounding it. If you are looking for a good place to take captivating photos, then this is the right place for you. I was amazed by its cool breeze that smoothly takes away warmth from your body. This river flows in a rhythmic style.

Lantz list of luxury resort which one should explore


I have personally explored the Indian state of Rajasthan and I simple love it. So I decided to share some resorts which I believe that one must stay if the are planning to visit Rajasthan. So here it is. Lantz list of luxury resort which one should explore.

La Premier Spa and resort, Jaipur

La Premier Spa Resort Room 4

At number three we have a brand new resort name la Premier Spa & resort, near Jaipur city. This is a 50 room property with multi cuisine restaurant name Orange Blossom, 1 party hall, 1 brand new marriage garden and an awesome pool.

The best thing about this resort is its service which is operated by an award winning team and the place is also a popular destination for local TV shooting. Just check the view from the luxury resort and I am sure that you will visit here again.

Spirit Desert Camp, Jaisalmer


The forth in our list is a resort by 2 time award winning Manager, the Spirit Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. It is an amazing place to spend a nice vacation in desert as the Sam Sun Dunes in Jaisalmer are simple amazing and is the best place for travellers looking for some adventures tours. They also offer desert safari in car and camels (I would suggest Camel) and every night they organize musical programs. So from my trip I will give them a thumb up.

That was all from our side but if your favourite heritage resort is not in the lost then do not get sad as every traveller has their own list. You should go to one of these places and experience the luxury lifestyle of these resorts

Castle Kalwar, Jaipur

The last one in our list but not the least is a unique heritage hotel in Jaipur that is almost 2 century old. The Caste Kalwar offers royal and traditional Rajput style decorated rooms and suites. This resort used to be a fort and is a family run establishment and is the best heritage place to live. Don’t be surprised to see peacocks dancing and the pigeons feeding or the parrots making noise and the geese quacking..

Some of the Finest Dinning Places in Rajasthan

Royal Food 3

Have you ever think that why we earn money? Well, it is very simple. People earn money only to eat food so that they can live healthy and fit. Everyone loves to eat food. It makes them feel good and out of the world. There are so many types of cuisine in our country. Every state offers different dishes that come with great taste.  Among the many other places Rajasthan is popular for its local cuisine. The state of forts and palaces, desert and lakes offer unique quality food. Here is a list of 5 amazing restaurants in different cities of Rajasthan. If you are coming to this place you should definitely visit these restaurants.

Jaipur, Cinnamon

Cinnamon Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan that offers different cuisines. The amazing jai mahal palace of Jaipur is famous for its great ambience and delicious cuisine. Once you come in cinnamon you will feel the royalty in its every step. The chefs are highly trained and provide great dishes from the royal kitchen. Rajasthan is always popular for its great warriors who played an amazing role in the Indian history. However, in this restaurant you will be able to meet a new rajasthan through its distinctive dishes. The flavours are great and you will enjoy each of these dishes. It offers an amazing starter, curries, rice, and different Indian desert. You will be treated as the guest of King.

Jaipur, Suvarna Mahal

Suvarna Mahal Jaipur

Suvanrna Mahal is situated at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. This restaurant of the pink city offers the best thali dishes. You will get to eat vegetable kebabs, rice, barbequed lamb as the main dishes. Their deserts are very famous as they provide delicious malpuas, rasmalais and many different sweets. The restaurant has different parts for their guests. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner with the special person of your life then can have private jharokha, decorated with lights and torches.

Jodhpur, Darikhana

darikhana jodhpur

Jodhpur organises the best restaurant for their guests at the Raas Hotel. it is the very first boutique hotel of jodhpur. Darikhana is a great place for tasting great rajasthani dishes. The place also offers splendid view of mehrangarh Fort. The fort looks marvellous at the night and makes a perfect ambience for a romantic dinner. Darikhana provides different dishes which cook with the special spices of Old Delhi.

Jodhpur, Risala

Risala Jodhpur

When you are in Jodhpur and you really love food then you should definitely visit Risala. The hotel is popular for its superb continental as well as Indian cuisines. The hotel is decorated in a perfect way as the interior looks gorgeous. You will also get a grand view of the outside. The menu card of this hotel is full with authentic food items of the royal ages.

Jodhpur, Sunset Pavilion

Sunset Pavilion Jodhpur

Sunset pavilion is the great restaurant of Umaid bhawan. It is the highest dining place of Jodhpur. Its gallery, interior design and everything is magnificent. The charming ambience of the restaurant will amaze you completely. You can taste several types of foods in this hotels and each of them is really great.

 A few sites which one must visit while the are planning a dinner in Jaipur: