“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

You want to hear it as much as I do, but are you acting like a faithful steward?

Entrepreneurs everywhere are struggling to feel like faithful stewards in their home and work lives.

Whether it’s living half-hearted in several areas, working too many hours, carrying-on in a hurting marriage, gaining weight, or making a lasting difference.
You are not alone, you can live a fulfilling life and be a faithful entrepreneur.

When you master your stewardship potential you not only gain clarity and confidence, you will actually enjoy being an entrepreneur again and be fully alive at home.

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You don’t have to choose. 

It’s not the world or your soul, it’s both. 
You can live on the adventure of following God with you wholeheart, while enjoying your wife, your job, your kids.

You can build a business and have a life. 

You can maximize your time, talent, and treasure that leads to transformation.

You can design your life to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

You can grow your profits and live with deeper purpose. 

Meet Your Coach Lantz Howard.

Leadership gurus tell you to start with the end in mind as you frame a goal. 

Let’s be clear on the goal. 

My goal is to hear Jesus Christ say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

I have been helping people grow since high school. My first business venture was buying a snow cone stand and selling that for a profit before summer arrived. First job out of college was coaching basketball. 

Since then I have gone on to serve in various ministry, coaching, and leadership roles for over two decades.

Helping others maximize their potential is my stewardship assignment. Don’t take my word for it. 

“Lantz creates a courageous space to take conversations deeper.” Seth Buechley – CEO

“Lantz is an incredible champion for you, your family, and your business.” David Hamel – Chick-fil-A

“Lantz is extrememly good at pulling me out of tunnel vision and pushing me to be better than yesterday.” Hunter Clinton – Chick-fil-A 

My education and training is in Spiritual Formation, Masters in Marriage Therapy, and trained as a Professional Exceutive Coach. 

Life is stewardship and you will be held accountable for how you managed everything under your care. 

What if I told you that you could…

You can experience freedom in all areas of your life.

You can have a passionate marriage that keeps sex, desire and intimacy alive. 

You can have optimal health and peak performance at every age

You can have an unshakeable faith that aligns with following Christ faithfully.

You can make a lasting difference with the money you earn and bring heaven closer to earth. 

You can leave a 10X leadership legacy that is worth following.

Wouldn’t you want that?

What would you give to master all these?

What happens inside 90 Day Stewardship Mastery?

Grow Your Marriage, Health, Faith, Wealth, and Leadership

Personalized Coaching and Community for Transformational Leadership

Customized Dashboard and Growth Plan to Master All Five Levels of Stewardship

Leadership Wellness Plan for Emotional, Spiritual, Relational Health for the Long Game

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Monthly Stewardship Workshop

Weekly Office Hours for Q&A

Community is Curated

Limited to Courageous Leaders

The Stewards Guarantee

$1000 Per Month

What now? 

You can apply to join the Stewardship Mastery…

Yes, you are willing to apply and go all in on the process. The application alone is worth the clarity. 

Yes, you are willing to learn from me in a guided group coaching. 

Yes, you are willing to held to high standards of authenticity, trust, integrity, and growth.

Yes, you understand this is not a quick fix for life and leadership. 

Yes, you will invest in growing relationships in the cohort that encourages one another. 

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

I want to ensure it is the right fit for a few
If you are ready to be among the few and dive into the application process then click the button below and get started. 

I guarantee that if you show up and put in the work your life will be different in six months. 

You will have more wealth, deeper relationships, and centered on what matters most. 

Until we connect. 

Peace and Courage, 
Lantz Howard

P.S. The Stewardship Mastery is not for everyone, which is why I want to meet with you personally to make sure this is a great fit. 

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