Are you ready to thrive at the next level of leadership? 

There is a battle going on for the soul of your leadership.

The very essence of your leadership identity is under attack.

This is your invitation to overcome the current obstacle that is holding you back.

Coaching for the whole person that will transform the course of your life forever.

Coaching strengthens the emotional, spiritual, and relational capacity of a leader’s life.

Come restore the heart of your leadership and unleash your God-given potential.

It all starts with one question.

If you have areas of your life where you feel behind it is because there is an enemy who has come to steal, kill, and destroy your ultimate destiny. 

One question could change the trajectory of your personal and professional life forever. 

What do you want? 

Less conflict with your spouse.  

More relational connection, emotional awareness, and intimacy.

Less body shaming and guilt.

More confidence and crushing health goals.

Less doubts and disappointment in your faith. 

More wisdom and integrity walking with God. 

Less scarcity mindset about wealth.

More abundance creation and living your rich life. 

Less workplace anxiety and frantic family.

More courage to lead with your whole-heart.

In one coaching session per week you can shift the direction of your life forever.

“Well done good and faithful servant.”

All of leadership is stewardship. 

Courageous stewards know that their leadership is to spend their lives wisely.

God has given you time, talents, and treasure to manage and you will be held accountable. 

You will be coached on the principles, habits, and mindset of Stewardship Mastery. 

You will get weekly coaching and a curated community that catalyzes your growth.

You will get the support, tools, assessments, and framework to unleash your God-given potential.

You are capable of the growth you desire.

You deserve to flourish. 

Get Coached.

In 12 weeks you will learn new ways to manage and grow your relationships, wealth, health and multiply your legacy.

In 12 weeks you will learn how to maximize your life and leadership.

When you are ready schedule your Ask Lantz Anything Session and I will give you 30 minutes of my time.

If it seems that we are a good fit to work together I will give you the next steps and a private invitation to Stewardship Mastery coaching.

You can start your 12-week coaching today for $3500.

Next Coaching Cohort Begins in May.